Virtual reality

An innovative school

For a better adaptation to the challenges and changes of the 21st century

Do you want to give your child the keys to understanding and adaptation? Do you want your child to become an actor and not a bystander of the breaks, digital, technological, societal and environmental changes of this century? Our vision of a “reinvented” school pursues this ambition.

forme jaune

An alternative pedagogy

For each child’s development

You are convinced that your child is unique. They may be atypical (high potential, dys’ conditions…), unfamiliar with the French language, already bilingual, or simply curious to learn in an innovative school. Our school has a welcoming approach with a bespoke curriculum based on the best pedagogical practices stemming from the work of pioneers (C. Freinet, M. Montessori…) and current research in education sciences, psychology, neuroscience… (lab school model).

Little girl playing

Facilitating services

For parents’ peace of mind

Do you feel like you spend all your time “driving your children around” and “running after time”? To make your life easier our school offers several services (free bespoke coaching, meal delivery for the midday break…) as well as a wide range of day-care opening hours. Many on-site extra-curricular activities are also offered after school and on Wednesday afternoons.